Hidden Camera Records Disgusting Racism in Paris

A few months back, a woman in New York City made a video with a hidden camera that showed how men treated her as she walked the streets of the city. They catcalled and said some pretty vulgar and misogynistic stuff. The video went viral, and we had a brief cultural discussion on the maltreatment of women in our sexually charged society.

Well, some wise fellow from Israeli media company NRG decided to do the same thing – except with a Jewish person on the streets of Paris.

A reporter for NRG went to Paris and spent a day walking the streets wearing a yarmulke. What happens next is extremely disturbing and indicative of the exceedingly anti-Semitic fervor spreading across Europe.

In the short video people on the street spit at him, call him a “dog”, call him a “homo” and yell at him that “Palestine will win.” People also act aggressively towards him, and you get the sense that if he hadn’t simply ignored everything that was happening around him, there were at least a few times where he could have been met by violence.

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And it all happened in just one day.

This kind of behavior is terrifying, but we have to talk about it. In fact, everyone needs to see this video, especially people who like to pretend that anti-Semitism doesn’t exist. If this is happening in Paris, France, just think of what must be happening in other “less metropolitan” cities. (Or in the Muslim world.)

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