Hidden Camera Catches Politicians Cashing in on the Terrible Export-Import Bank

The folks at Project Veritas have done it again!

This time they’ve caught the corrupt Washington cabal on camera admitting to the real reason that so many politicians support the Export-Import Bank – and it’s all about the money.


In new James O’Keefe video Congressional staffer says on hidden camera that large corporations such as Boeing and Mitsubishi purchase influence through campaign contributions. “They are big campaign contributors of ours… you know, we’ll help them out.”

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California Representatives provide conflicting information on upcoming controversial EXIM Bank vote.

From the Project Veritas Facebook Page:

Summary One:

Our latest video shows that the federal government’s Export Import Bank is nothing more than a form of corporate welfare that corrupts the political process. Dillon Lesovsky, a staffer for Republican Congressman Paul Cook of California, was captured on hidden camera admitting that his boss is going to vote in favor of reauthorizing the Bank because large supporters of the EXIM Bank, Boeing and Mitsubishi, were also large contributors to the Congressman and were exerting pressure on him.


Summary Two:

In the latest video from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California is captured on hidden camera saying that Congress was going to reauthorize the EXIM Bank “like my grandmother use to say… mark my words.” This puts her at odds with fellow California Congressman Paul Cook, whose staffer, Lesovsky, told a Project Veritas reporter that due to “political realities” Congress is not going to reauthorize the EXIM Bank.



The Daily Caller has more on the story:


A staffer for Republican Rep. Paul Cook told an undercover journalist that Cook will likely vote to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, because big campaign contributors that benefit from the bank are in his district.

“He’s probably going to vote in favor of it,” Dillon Lesovsky, a field rep for the California congressman, told the undercover reporter in a video produced by Project Veritas and obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Reason being Boeing is in our district, and then we also have Mitsubishi Cement. We have a bunch of cement and minerals companies that export out a lot of stuff.”

“They are hitting us hard on this,” he continued. “Making sure that, uh –. They are big contributors of ours. They are big campaign contributors of ours, so, you know, we’ll help them out.”

The Ex-Im Bank’s stated mission is to make it easier for U.S. businesses to export goods by providing financing deemed impossible or too risky by the market, with the goal of helping the U.S. economy. But critics say it amounts to international corporate welfare funded by U.S. taxpayers…

“It seems that instead of weighing the true pros and cons of reauthorizing the bank, the congressman’s vote is based on money and influence,” the narrator of the video says. “Political cronyism at its worst.”
The Export-Import Bank is simply a way for our government to subsidize big multi-national corporations (like Boeing) making it more difficult for smaller companies to compete. It’s great for the biggest of companies because they get free money and they are able to stymie the growth of their competitors but it’s horrible for the free market and for our economy. It’s time to kill the Export-Import Bank and hopefully this latest video from Project Veritas will help.

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