Hey Florida, Listen Up! Charlie Crist in His Own Words

Hey Florida Listen Up! This is Charlie Crist in His Own Words.

Check out his little blast from the past…

Here is Charlie Crist (D-FL) speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News on March 28, 2010, just 4 short years ago. You tell us if this is an honest, trustworthy man.

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On Fox News March 28, 2010

WALLACE: There have been persistent rumors in Florida that you are so far behind, at least currently, in the polls — double digits to Mr. Rubio — that you may run instead as an independent. Here is your chance to dispel all the rumors. Are you willing to pledge right here, right now that you will run in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate and not run as an independent?

Perry, Crist, SchwarzeneggerCRIST: I’m running as a Republican. I’m very proud to be from the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, others that really have stood up for our party, like Ronald Reagan. This is a great party. It has a great future. We have a great opportunity to win in November. It’s important that we put a candidate up that can win in November.

WALLACE: So are you ruling out that you will file as an Independent by the April 30th deadline?

CRIST: That’s right. That’s right. I’m running as a Republican.


At a rally in St. Petersburg on April 29, 2010

“I believe in democracy and that people have the right to choose — always. Now I could have chosen to stay in the primary. But frankly for me, it’s your decision. It’s not one club’s decision or another — or even a club within that club. It is a decision too important — it is a decision for all the people in Florida to be able to make. So that’s why we go straight to November. We give you the chance to make that decision.”


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