Hey! Don’t Forget About Obamacare

With all that has happened in the last two weeks (see here, here, or here), it’s almost understandable that media outlets would forget about discussing the integration of Obamacare into the insurance market.  Understandable, but not excusable.  The passing of the Affordable Care Act was supposed to be President Obama’s moment of shining glory.  The point in time where he could stand in front of Congress and the American people and say, “Look at how much we can accomplish when we set aside our differences and work together towards improving the general welfare of everyone who lives in this country.”  Instead, Obamacare has plagued this administration more than any other scandal during the last 6 years.  Of all the issues that stemmed from the implementation of Obamacare, minor glitches of a website proved to be a distraction.  The most devastating impact that will result has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you can successfully navigate through the ACA website.  In order to truly understand the wake of Obamacare, you have to look back at the barge that created the wake.

Since our inception, the United States of America has always had to navigate through the unsettling waters that exist when a class of servitude is maintained within the population.  Entire political parties have been created to deal solely with the issue of slavery (see for example; Republican Party).  Martin Van Buren is renowned for his ability to completely avoid the topic.  Abraham Lincoln earned his spot in the Presidential hall of fame by obliterating opponents who believed slavery was good for the country (Schweikart, 23, 28)1.  Who are we kidding? Our country fought an entire war with itself to decide how slavery should be addressed within our borders.  With the passage of the 13th Amendment, the debate over whether the United States should employ a class of servitude was ended.  At least until our government realized that there were an incredible number of impoverished citizens living within our borders.

While Andrew Jackson may be the “founding father” of the federal political spoils system, President Obama has elevated the system to an all-time high.  Where Jackson, and every President that has followed, used the system to help ensure support of certain key individuals or groups, or to avoid having to respond to political issues (i.e. Slavery), President Obama has attempted to expand the political spoils system to the entire impoverished class in this country. Since the inception of federal welfare, every President, Republican or Democrat, has continued to fund and promote the use of federally funded welfare.  President Obama, in the promise of health insurance to every American, essentially used the spoils system to sway the vote in his favor.  Despite an overwhelming truth that Obama was not fit to run this country, the American people, especially the “forgotten classes,” gladly voted him into office.  On the backs of the spoils system, Obama expanded the system to declare that every citizen of the United States deserved assistance from the federal government.  Those he made promises to ate it up.

As a country, we lack personal responsibility and a sense of fiscal duty.  Our leaders, if they actually cared about this country, would fight with every last breath to instill what we lack.  Therein lies the problem.  Our leaders do not care.  They are content with manipulating this class of servitude by making promise after promise that further removes any form of responsible living.  When the promises fail to come through, or especially when they actually make our lives worse, as a people we should force our “leaders” to answer for their failings.  Instead, we have grown accustomed to letting our leaders blame one another ad nauseam until the next “scandal” pushes our attention elsewhere.  The current administration has mastered this tactic.  By catering to the ever increasing impoverished class, and blaming trials and tribulations on the “other guys,” this administration has found the ultimate realization of the political spoils system. Obamacare has proven to be the disastrous masterpiece on which it all rests.

  1. Schweikart, Larry. Seven Events That Made America America. Penguin Group; New York, 2010. []

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