Herman Cain is Sick and Tired of the Race Card – Obama’s a Failure in Any Color!

Herman Cain is sick and tired of the Democrats playing the race card to explain away all of President Obama’s troubles. The truth of the matter is that President Obama is a failure in any color!

Cain was on his radio show when a caller called in to blame race hatred as the reason for President Obama’s poor Presidency. That was the last straw for Cain, who went on to provide a litany of reasons that President Obama can be regarded as one of the worst President’s ever.

Here are just a few of the reasons Cain pointed out…

The president’s immigration declaration last week is going to create chaos politically and practically. He intentionally picked a political fight with the new Republican-controlled Congress, rather than work with them for a bi-partisan solution after they are officially in charge on January 6, 2015. Practically, more and more illegals will try to get here to take advantage of this pandering, and it’s a slap in the face to those who followed the law to become workers and citizens. 

Obama FailureWhen the president said in his immigration declaration speech that Republicans needed to pass a bill so he would not have to go it alone, he wanted the immigration bill passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate. That bill is not “amnesty lite”. It is amnesty, pure and simple, which is a non-starter for the Republicans.

ObamaCare is a failed law that was passed using deception on the American people. The president and the Democrats are noticeably silent on the fact that it has not lowered insurance premiums as promised, more people are now not insured, and families have a lot fewer choices for coverage and being able to keep their doctors as promised.

Economic growth is anemic because the “stimulus” spending blowout of nearly $1 trillion five years ago did not stimulate growth. It may have helped to stop the decline with most of the money propping up government spending, but a 2 percent growth rate in the gross domestic product, which has been the annualized average during Obama’s presidency, is less than half the growth capacity of this economy.

Anemic economic growth has produced a record low labor participation rate. Too many people have been forced to give up looking for a job, or forced to accept a part-time job just to survive. Consequently, more and more people are on food stamps and welfare programs.

It should be pointed out that the venerable Herman Cain is a black man from the South. He is also a successful businessman, popular radio show host, and beloved in the Republican community. See, President Obama’s race has nothing to do with our opposition to him… his ideas, political philosophy and liberal beliefs are the problem.

President Obama has had NO successes. Almost every decision he’s made over the last 6 years has ended in abject failure and while it has surely made the President look bad… these failures have been crushing for our nation as well.

Our opposition has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with the content of his character.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke to this just a few weeks ago when Democrats were playing fast and loose with the truth on race in their attempts to win elections.


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