Here’s Why Obama Has No Right To Take Credit For The Economy


Obama’s over-regulation, taxes, and especially ObamaCare were holding back investment, new business start-ups, and expansions. People were afraid to hire new workers.

Trump is pro-business and promised to stop those stumbling-blocks. When he was elected, the boom took off immediately, based on the confidence that he would do what he had said.


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Obama has been running around claiming he deserves credit for the vastly improved economy, which is hilarious. During an appearance on FOX News tonight, Tammy Bruce explained why Obama’s claims are actually impossible. She notes correctly, that everything Trump has done since taking office is the exact opposite of what Obama did for eight years.

She also suggests that Obama’s recent speeches are – as usual – all about him, rather than what Democrats can do for the American people.

Here’s the video. Skip to the 17:20 mark:

FOX News Insider:

Bruce on Obama Taking Credit for Economy: He ‘Didn’t Understand How’ Trump’s Policies Would Work

Conservative commentator Tammy Bruce took issue with former President Obama taking credit for the burgeoning economy over the several months.

“We worked hard to turn this economy around. The actions that we took during the economic crisis” added to the economic growth, Obama said at a rally for Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray.

Bruce said Obama is speaking out and patting himself on the back because “he’s worried about his own legacy… about how he’s viewed.”

“Trump ran on doing the opposite of what Obama is doing,” she said. “Trump has done the reverse of everything he’s done.”

She said that therefore, the economic boom cannot be the product of the Obama administration’s policies.

President Trump also made it profitable for companies to bring jobs back to America, Democrats “punish” potential job-producers with regulations, taxes, pro-union rules, and enforced benefits.

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