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Trending: Taqiyya: The Muslim Practice of Lying to Protect Islam Is Prevalent across Sects

Raqqa, Syria is the new capitol of the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The free people of Iraq are begging for American help to hold off the ISIS threat.

We may never again say this about something John McCain has said… but his recent comments were awesome.

SEN. JOHN McCAIN (R-AZ): The self-pity that he continues to exhibit is really kind of sad, really. I can’t work with him and all of that. When is the last time that he really called leaders of both parties together over at the White House for a dinner? A social event? You know, what Reagan was best at, what Clinton did, Bush did… I cannot explain it except to say that he does not have this desire to have social interface with people and sit down and try to work things out.

George Will wants to introduce you to the new Barry Goldwater – his name is Neel Kashkari and he wants to redefine the Republican Party while fixing the MANY problems in California.

Today, California is a one-party state: Democrats have 2–1 majorities in both legislative chambers and 40 of 55 members of Congress. Republicans hold no statewide office and have only 28 percent of voters registered by party. All of which has something to do with these facts: California has the nation’s highest income tax, sales tax, and poverty rate (adjusted for the cost of living), and the second-highest gasoline tax. Only four states have higher unemployment rates. Kashkari says California’s “U-6 unemployment rate” — which includes unemployed people seeking full-time jobs, and part-time workers who want full-time jobs, and people too discouraged to seek jobs — is above 16 percent.

Um… is Wal-Mart preparing for a new, major earthquake on the New Madrid fault line?

A huge majority of football fans say “DON’T change the Redskins name!”

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