Here’s What We’re Reading July 24, 2014

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Trending: Why Jews and Christians Can’t Pray on the Temple Mount… but Muslims Can

If you’re wondering why Israel and Hamas are now in open war… it’s because Hamas had nothing to lose.

When war between Israel and Hamas broke out two weeks ago, the Palestinian militant group was so hamstrung, politically, economically and diplomatically, that its leaders appeared to feel they had nothing to lose.

ISIS has chased away or killed most of the Christians in their territory so they are now moving on to more serious matters… mannequins. The ISIS terrorists are demanding that store/shop owners with mannequins make sure that the models faces remain veiled or they will face consequences.

Investigators are saying that the crash remains of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 have been drastically altered from their original form. One wonders why the Russian-allied Ukrainian rebels would have had to alter the crash site if they weren’t trying to hide anything?

The D.C. District Court reins in Obamacare.

Um, this must be embarrassing for the IRS. Despite claiming earlier that there was no backup to the Lois Lerner emails, IRS officials are now admitting that they have found some of Lerner’s backup tapes.

Sure President Obama claims to learn most of the bad news about his corrupt administration when the media reports it… but everything else – he pretty much knows about before the media. (What a dolt.)

Michelle Bachmann in 2016?

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