Here’s What We’re Reading July 23, 2014

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David Harsanyi has written an excellent and enlightening piece over at the Federalist explaining why Democrat Elizabeth Warren is not only “overrated” as a Presidential contender but why she would make a HORRIBLE candidate for Democrats to consider.

It’s hard to watch Democrats lose their “moral center” so quickly. But on Israel the Democrats complete collapse of understanding the difference between  moral and immoral behavior has been astonishing.

Here’s just one example of how Democrats have seemingly gone entirely bankrupt when it comes to the issue of morality in action.

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Is Vladimir Putin’s Russian plan just as likely to fail and end in his utter defeat as it is to succeed? Some observers seem to believe that this may be Putin’s last grasp at holding power…

American families are right to be worried about inflation and the havoc it’s wreaking on their pocketbooks. Sadly, things are seemingly only going to get worse.

Has the time come for conservatives to stop defending the police? As more and more cases of police malfeasance continue to pile up, it has become more difficult for traditionally supportive groups (like conservatives) to defend their local police. Maybe the time has come for even conservatives to treat the police respectfully but suspiciously…

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