Here’s What We’re Reading July 22, 2014

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The Obama administration was warned more than two years ago about the impending (and now here) border crisis and crushing wave of illegal immigration. They chose not to heed those warnings, and we are now suffering the consequences of their inaction. The current border crisis fall right on the shoulders of the President and his staff…

Ouch. The President of Honduras says that the USA’s “War on Drugs” is what has created the current border crisis. Could he be right? Is this wound self-inflicted?

Is Vladimir Putin’s next move to invade eastern Ukraine? If it is, has the Obama administration been doing anything to stop him? Well, Vice President Joe Biden did call Putin some very mean names… maybe that will slow him down?

Actually folks… Hillary Clinton is probably finished.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is working hard to become the kind of nominee that American Jews would not hate. He doesn’t expect to “be their guy,” but he also doesn’t want to be the guy they want to beat.

Confirmed. The NSA is looking at your personal nudey photos. It’s cool though – because they are keeping you safe. Sometimes that’s the cost, which is why the NSA is changing their agency slogan to – “Show us your junk and we’ll protect you.”

Wendy Davis is a horrible person… she’s also a really terrible politician.

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