Here’s What We’re Reading July 18, 2014

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Trending: Trump & the Porn Star should Not be a Bigger Deal than Clinton & the Intern

Hillary Clinton looks unbeatable when it comes to Democrat primary voters… but against Republicans, things don’t look so rosy! In the important battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire – Clinton is essentially tied with Rand Paul and Chris Christie, while leading other Republicans by slim margins. The latest NBC/Marist poll seems to indicate that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has the best shot of upsetting Clinton’s Presidential ambitions.

Don’t count Rush Limbaugh as one of the voices calling for President Obama’s impeachment… the voice of millions is just “not there yet” on impeachment.

Karl Rove has a quick and dirty outline of how Republicans can use Obamacare to their benefit come November, and you can bet a lot of them are listening to his advice.

Immigration is no “slam dunk” issue for the Democrat Party, as the nation (and the Democrat Party) are growing more divided about what to do on the issue.

Hamas is LOSING and everyone knows it… but they continue to try to kill people. However, while some may look to compare death totals as one measure to judge the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, to do so would be a foolish endeavor. There is a lot more to this struggle than the number of dead.

Malaysian Airlines MH-17 was shot down near the Russian-Ukrainian border. There were 295 souls aboard.

Just Horrible…

The new liberal news website has a lot of problems – the biggest of which is how often they get things WRONG.

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