Here’s What We’re Reading July 17, 2014

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Trending: Bad Hombres Apprehended Near Texas Border… Sex Offenders, Gang Members

Are the current crop of illegal aliens “entitled?”

One year ago, Syria was firmly in the “enemy” camp when it came to its relationship with the United States. Now they’ve somehow become an ally… what in the world happened?

Don’t worry about Germany – they’re just pretending to be upset with us. “It’s unlikely Germany didn’t know what the U.S. was up to, and kicking out a local CIA chief is largely political theatrics for a German citizenry still fuming over last year’s revelations of extensive NSA surveillance, says former CIA lawyer John Rizzo.”

Dick Morris just released a new op-ed where he argues that Elizabeth Warren could definitely beat Hillary Clinton in a one-on-one matchup in the Democrat Party.

If Republicans are right about the lawlessness of President Obama… then Sarah Palin is right, and Obama should be impeached. That would make House Speaker John Boehner wrong about his decision not to impeach but to press a lawsuit.

How to become a cable news pundit by Matt Lewis.

HBO’s Bill Maher has a bit of praise for the Republican Party.  He’s surprised to find that they are actually debating foreign policy, while Democrats are rattling sabres.

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