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We are a nation in crisis… the bodies of dead children are washing up on the shores of the Rio Grande. Yet the governments of Latin America continue to encourage families to try to cross the border.

Our nation’s Governors are meeting this week in Nashville at the annual meeting of the National Governor’s Association.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is set to return to life as a soldier in the army next week. After 5 years in Afghanistan and now 6 weeks recovering… he’ll be back on active duty.

Our government’s attempts to evacuate Americans from Gaza have fallen apart and now hundreds of Americans are trapped in Palestinian territory.

Syria is succumbing, Iraq is in peril, and now Jordan may have to face the very real threat that ISIS presents. The question is should we help… and if so, how should we do it?

Iran wants to help protect the holy sites they love across the border in Iraq – but they are very worried about getting stuck in a war against terrorists that could be unending.

TEHRAN, IRAN — Within days of Sunni jihadists’ surge across Iraq last month, 5,000 Iranian volunteers had registered to fight and defend Iraq’s Shiite shrines. 

Many of them signed up via a website calling on recruits to battle “terrorists” from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which had vowed to attack every Shiite holy site in Iraq as it marched from Syria, south toward Baghdad.  

Iranian men vowed to be the first in line, one writing in the comments that his “only request from God is martyrdom.” Another wrote “my heart is tearing apart” over Iraq.

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