Here’s How Trump’s Actions Have Helped People With Pre-Existing Conditions & Major Health Issues

Until Obamacare is banished and gone forever I don’t want to see anymore campaigning on healthcare. I want it gone. Period.

It was rammed down our throats in the dead of night and could be removed just as easily. Please share this information with anyone arguing GOP are bad on pre-existing conditions.

If Republicans hold the House and Senate I believe Obamacare will be completely gone…

NY Post:

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Democrats have tried to make Tuesday’s elections about health care. As with most issues, they equate government spending with success — liberals claim they care more than conservatives because they spend more of other people’s hard-earned money.

Full disclosure: My husband, Russ Vought, is deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget. But speaking strictly as the mother of a child with a life-threatening genetic disease, I know that other policy changes can make a critical impact on the lives of sick patients without government spending.

And so does the Trump administration, which has taken several vital steps to reorient the federal bureaucracy toward the chronically ill and individuals with pre-existing conditions.

First, the administration has made expanded access to prescription drugs a top priority. In the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, the Food and Drug Administration OK’d 971 generic drugs — a record, breaking the old mark of 937 approvals set just last year. Compare that to the 651 green-lighted in 2016 and the 492 the year before under President Barack Obama.

The more rapid approval of generic drugs has had an impact on patients’ wallets — and lives. A recent Council of Economic Advisers report found that the slowdown in prescription drug price growth over the past two years saved consumers $26 billion through July.

When it comes to brand-name drugs, Team Trump has worked hard to bring new and potentially innovative treatments to the sickest of patients. Toward that end, President Trump signed the “right-to-try” law in May, allowing terminally ill patients the right to access experimental treatments that may save their life, without government bureaucrats interfering.  More

The more the government spends on a program, the more that program costs US taxpayers, the more the Democrats hail it as a success. And if it’s still failing, their only solution is to spend more of our money on it. You know a one trick pony donkey…

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