Here’s Donald Trump Holding a Bald Eagle – You’re Welcome!

Because we just have to talk about this, don’t we? Donald Trump just wrapped up a photoshoot and interview for Time Magazine’s next issue (where Trump will, of course, grace the cover). It’s an excellent opportunity for Trump to solidify his standing not only as the GOP frontrunner but also as a “serious” candidate. But not so serious that he isn’t going to pose with an awesome bald eagle perched upon his outstretched arm!

This is awesome. It’s pure Donald Trump and it is political genius.

Donald Trump graced the cover of the newest Time magazine, under the headline, “The Donald Has Landed: Deal With It.”

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On Fox News earlier this week they even discussed the Time magazine piece and the Trump/Bald Eagle photoshoot.

“Keep in mind, the bald eagle is the classiest and most luxurious of eagles. Whereas other types of eagles — the lesser eagles, if you will — are losers and slobs.”

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