Help Support Joshua Black, a Great Candidate for the Florida Legislature!

A man we highly respect and admire is running for office in Florida’s 68th District (the St. Petersburg area). His name is Joshua Black and he is a Christian, a constitutional conservative and a hard-working everyman. He is us. He has valiantly fought against the local establishment and against liberal excess and we are proud to promote his efforts here at Eagle Rising. He is running for office again in 2016 and he needs our help.

Here is a link to his website so you can learn more about this conservative stalwart, and below find a letter about his plans for the upcoming election.


Dear friends,

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Thank you for your support of limited government and principled leadership. Without either of these, we will lose what is left of our freedoms in this country.

As I strive to become the next state representative for the only area I have lived in in Florida since I moved here, I need your help. You may have seen on my website that we need to raise about $30,000 and wondered exactly what I plan to spend all that money on. Well, let me tell you some of my plans.

Breaking News - Joshua Black Defends His Belief that Obama is a TraitorFirst, we need a video for commercials. The script has already been written, but the video needs to be shot, edited, and mastered, and, quite frankly, I am no good at any of these things. Therefore, I have spoken with a friend of mine at Master’s Mind Media, and they have offered me their services at a reduced rate. When I tried to get a video done last year, I was quoted more than $2000. These guys are offering to do everything for less than $500.

That’s what I said.

Also, when I met a man at the BLAKPAC Dinner who suggested to me that the brochures I have printed are not quite enough to get the word out. I agree and have plans to write something more extensive, but I don’t have an outsider perspective needed to ask the questions that I don’t have because I am me. He has offered his services–including the necessary formatting and phot arrangements–also for $500. What a deal!

Then we need to talk about printing the resulting materials and getting the video on the air. But, just to get started, I need to raise $1000.

Can you help me? $1000 (the maximum allowable gift by law) would cover these starting costs. Four people giving $250 would do the same. Ten people giving $100 would also handle these first bills. So would twenty people giving $50, and 50 people giving $20. What can you do?

If you decide to make a smaller donation, would you please consider making it a monthly donation? Just check the box at the bottom of the screen.

Now some of you may know that both my opponent in last year’s primary and his eventual opponent in the general (the current incumbent) each raised well north of $200,000. I am not interested in wasting people’s hard earned money like that.

JoshuaBlackImagine: $200,000 in a losing effort for a job that pays less than $30,000? I think that, with the right distribution channels, I can WIN THE WHOLE THING with $30,000 carefully placed dollars (actually closer to $33,000, because I am spending some of my own).


Can you help with your besst gift today? I know that many of you are living on a shoestring, and I am not asking you to sacrifice any necessities to help me put the people out of power who are wasting so much of our money on themselves and their friends and calling it government. I want to force our government institutions to live on a shoestring, so that maybe one day I can spend only my own money to run for office, because I will have been able to save it up!

But we are not in that situation yet. And I absolutely need your help if I am going to win this race. So what can you spare?

Again, thanks for your support, and, again, if you cannot give a large gift, please consider monthly giving. The donations will end as soon as the election ends, and I will refund any money that is donated after the polls close.

Again, thank you for your support, and may God bless you.


If you can help Joshua Black change things in Tallahassee, please consider supporting him.

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