On the Heels of Republican Victory the Losers Can’t Help But Cry – Racism!

Oh that one day our nation might look past the pigmentation in a person’s skin and focus on the character of that person’s spirit.

I yearn for the day that these articles on race, gender and the supposed animosity of Republicans towards non-whites and non-males are no longer necessary. On Tuesday Republicans handed Democrats an historic drubbing. Not as overwhelming as our win in 2010, but in many ways even more important. We now have a solid majority in the Senate. We have won our strongest hold on the House in 75+ years! Even so, mean-spirited Democrats still could not wait but a few hours before deriding Republicans as racists.

During a recent speech in New York Charlie Rangel called southern Republicans racists who believed they had “won the civil war,” and that “slavery still existed.”


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He was on CNN Wednesday to double-down and reiterated that what he had said was true.



I meant that they used to call themselves ‘slave-holding states.’ They’ve been frustrated with the Emancipation Proclamation. They became Republicans, then tea party people. These are the people that are trying to frustrate people from voting, changing the voting rights that we fought so hard for. And all I’m saying is, if you want to challenge the statistics, find out where the slave-holding states are, find out where the tea party is.

“I’m just saying that it’s unfortunate America doesn’t deal with the problem of racism. Until we acknowledge that it exists and fight hard to eradicate it, then we still have to be frustrated by people. They all come from the south and they all have these feelings about superiority and that’s true whether you’re picking cotton or you’re president of the United States.”

liberal-progressives-shout-racismTo his credit, Wolf Blitzer remembered that South Carolina Republicans just elected an African-American, Tim Scott (R-SC) to represent them in the Senate. But to Rangel, Tim Scott doesn’t count.

We’re not talking about America. We’re not talking about the advancements that we’ve made — a black president, the explosive number of African-American and others that are now in the Congress — we’re talking about a cancer that we have in the United States of America. America knows who they are. They know how they feel. And we’re talking about dealing with them. […] Racial superiority, unfortunately, is a disease that a handful of people have. And they were holding back the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Maybe now that Republican leadership doesn’t need them, they can go along with people who want to improve the quality of life for all Americans and not those who just look like them.

Just so you don’t think that Charlie Rangel is the only Democrat spouting this evil nonsense, he’s not. South Carolina Democrat and hero Jim Clyburn also got in on the racial hatred act.

The Washington Post caught up with Rep. Clyburn to ask him about Senator Scott’s historic win in South Carolina, and Clyburn made sure that we all knew he didn’t see this as a win for African-Americans. While Senator Scott may be black, he is of course, “not black enough” for the Democrat Party.

If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95 percent of the black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress.

If you want to understand the difference between Democrats and Republicans on race relations and gender issues, then you need to talk to a minority Republican or a female Republican. While Representatives Clyburn and Rangel are stuck in the past – we conservative minority Republicans have our feet firmly planted in the future.

Newly elected Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) was giving an interview to CNN when there may have been a bit of miscommunication between the hosts and Love… but it leads to an incredibly honest and telling moment from the Representative-elect.



“This has nothing do with race. Understand that Utahans have made a statement that they’re not interested in dividing Americans based on race or gender, that they want to make sure that they are electing people who are honest and who have integrity. …That’s really what made history here. Race, gender, had nothing to do with it.”

“In Saratoga Springs there are very few black residents. I wasn’t elected because of the color of my skin, I wasn’t elected because of my gender. I was elected because of the solutions that I put at the table because I promised I would run a positive issues-oriented campaign and that’s what resonated.”

How great would it be if this was the case for every election? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

We Republicans are going to elect the leaders who most embody our principles, philosophies and beliefs. Black, white, brown, yellow, red or even polka-dotted. Male or female. Young or old. Ugly or pretty… what matters to us is that the candidate represents our values well.

I’m sorry that Tim Scott, Mia Love, Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Joni Ernst, and others aren’t “black” enough, or “Latino” enough, or “womanly” enough for the Democrat Party… but they are exactly who we want them to be.

For Democrats a person, specifically a minority person, is only valuable when they toe the party line and parrot the left’s talking points. It’s downright disgusting.

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