Heartwarming: Students Volunteer to Paint Deployed Soldier’s Home

In a world full of social issues, Russian conspiracy theories, and murders, we need to hear the good stories that restore our hope in humanity. This is one of those stories.

Austin Workman, a diesel technology student at Salina Area Technical College, decided to give back to the community with the Students with USA program, and help a deployed soldier.

William Cookson was working on painting his Kansas home, but he was deployed overseas before he was able to finish the project. This is where Workman and the Students with USA program came in to assist.

A solider was sent overseas before he had time to finish painting his house, but college student volunteers took over from there.

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Workman said, “We got young men and women out there giving up their freedom, their time to take care of  our rights to take the morning off class and paint their houses,” he continued, “This is our way of giving back.”

To make things even better, Cookson’s wife was able to video chat with her husband via Skype, and show him the wonderful job. The couple were overjoyed.

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