HBO’s Bill Maher Finally Agrees with Conservatives!

We aren’t fans of the pompous and mean-spirited Bill Maher.

But every once and a while he says something that makes us stand up and take notice.

He recently got our attention when he spoke up about the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was one of the few times that Maher found unanimity between the conservatives and liberals on his site.

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Bill Maher:

“I feel terrible for a Palestinian child who dies. But if it’s your father, your brother, your uncle who’s firing those rockets into Israel, who’s fault is it really? Do you really expect the Israelis not to retaliate?”

Jamie Weinstein, the Daily Caller:

“I don’t think you can understand the conflict without reading Hamas’ charter, upon which they were founded, which clearly calls — and it’s chilling — calls for not only the destruction of Israel but the murder of Jews generally… They say the day will come when the trees will call out and say ‘here’s a Jew come kill him.’ This is the mentality of the people that Israel is fighting.”

Jane Harman:

“Charles Krauthammer, who I seldom agree with, wrote the other day that Israel is using a missile defense system to protect its citizens and Hamas is using its citizens to protect it’s missiles.”

Maher’s view on Hamas isn’t a surprise – a few days earlier he made waves with this tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.00.07 AM
We won’t start watching Bill Maher’s show… but we’re happy to agree with him on the situation in Israel. Hopefully, he can influence liberals to reconsider their mistaken support for Hamas and to understand that Israel is the good guy here.

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