Has Rod Rosenstein Gone Off the Deep End?

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) didn’t find Rosenstein’s helpful, and he’s starting to wonder if the Assistant Attorney General actually understands the Constitution that he has been charged to defend?

Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may have bitten off more than he can chew, when he decided to find work for Robert Mueller.

In recent days, after almost two years of investigating with nothing to show for their efforts, Rosenstein has become a touch ornery.

He recently implied that his critics should be careful about the things they say, because it could come back to bite them.

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) didn’t find Rosenstein’s comments helpful, and he’s starting to wonder if the Assistant Attorney General actually understands the Constitution that he has been charged to defend? DeSantis argues that Rosenstein has “botched” the investigation, and that Mueller doesn’t seem to have any reason to need to speak with President Trump because he hasn’t found any evidence that any crime or malfeasance was committed.

From Fox News:

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Neil Cavuto: Anyway, the DOJ inspector general is looking into possible FBI misconduct and was supposed to testify next week on Capitol Hill.

Now, that hearing is delayed to make sure the investigation is complete and unimpeded, all this as the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, you might remember, continues to come under fire for his handling of the whole Mueller probe and how he reacted to all of that.

Critics claim he’s botching it. He says the critics are piling on and they better be careful.

Florida Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis is a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Congressman, I wonder if Rod Rosenstein was talking about you or guys like you when he talked about this pressure. What was it?

Rep. Ron DeSantis: I just think Rod Rosenstein has a peculiar view of the Constitution and rule of law.

He seems to think we have the Congress, we have the president, the courts, and then the Justice Department is superior to all of them, and that the rule of law is basically whatever some arbitrary decision is made by him or Mueller or other people in the department.

That is not the way this operates. They are a statutorily created department. They get their funding from Congress. And we, the American people and their elected representatives, have a right to conduct oversight over their activity.

So, he has stonewalled our investigations for months and months. And, yes, I do think he has botched this whole Mueller thing. I don’t think there was a basis to appoint Mueller, but he certainly has not reined him in. He has let this thing go far beyond the original mandate.

Oh, but it’s not just Congressman DeSantis who is questioning Rosenstein’s (and the rest of the investigative team) judgement.

Even former members of Team Clinton can’t understand what is happening in the Department of Justice, and they wonder when it became problematic to question what the investigators were doing?

Former Clinton confidante Mark Penn argues that the entire Russia investigation has spun out of control, and that Rosenstein, Mueller, and everyone else involved in this debacle are completely out of their depth.

Penn was on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show where he reminded everyone that these special counsel investigations are usually a big mistake.

PENN: Well, remember, Tucker, I spent a year working with President Clinton against Ken Starr and that effort…

I just find that that was child’s play to what’s going on here. And I think Mueller has some questions about what the president was thinking when he fired Comey. Well, I certainly have some questions about what he was thinking when first he went to apply for the FBI job in the first place with Rosenstein. And then, turns around the next day, didn’t he already have a plan when he turned around.

Boy, when he put that team together, and there wasn’t a single Trump donor, what was he thinking then?

And when he looked at these dossiers and discovered that there was no foundation there, how did he deal with that? How does he justify these kinds of really stormtrooper tactics, I think is perhaps not an exaggeration, when you go guns drawn to political consultants, wiretapped all over the place over payments to porn stars?

This thing has gotten out of control. And while he wants to question the president, it seems that no one could really question either Mueller or Comey or Rosenstein, and that is precisely the problem.


No matter how you slice it, the entire Russia investigation has been a complete disaster.

There never was any evidence that any crime had been committed, there still isn’t any evidence, and there will likely never be any evidence of such a crime. And yet, here we are almost two years since the investigations were kicked off… and the government is still undermining the 2016 election and they still have nothing to show for their efforts.

This is a complete and utter mess.

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