Harvey Weinstein Scandal Messing Up Michael Moore Trump Documentary

Moore is talking about suing Weinstein to regain control of the Trump Documentary and not pay back the millions Weinstein invested.

Only six months ago, Moore and Weinstein teaming up for a Trump documentary was glorious news for the Left.

The new Trump documentary by Michael Moore may be a victim of the fall of Harvey Weinstein. Conservatives aren’t worried about anything that Moore creates. We know it will be horrible. But this is a real instance of the economic harm and political impotence that results from letting yourself be enslaved to vices. And this story is undoubtedly playing out with many other ventures involving Weinstein and others like him.

Deadline Hollywood reports, “Battle Brewing Between Michael Moore, Harvey & Bob Weinstein Over Donald Trump-Themed ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Sequel.

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A potential legal battle is brewing between Michael Moore and Harvey and Bob Weinstein over Fahrenheit 11/9, the sequel Moore is making to his 2004 film, which became the biggest grossing documentary of all time. Titled Fahrenheit 11/9 to commemorate the day Donald Trump pulled off a shocking victory to become U.S. president, the new film focuses on how it happened and all the chaos that followed in his first year in office. The Weinsteins have controls over the docu and sources said they are right now blocking Moore and his WME reps from being able to set the film with a theatrical distributor or a premium broadcast outlet.

Sources said the brothers paid just north of $2 million out of the $6 million pledged in a docu deal that Moore used to get the film to this point. That deal was made before TWC was hobbled by the testimonies of numerous women that painted Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator. Sources describe the crux of the dispute this way: the Weinsteins want their money back while Moore and his WME reps want them to step aside, chalking the loss up to the price of scandal.

Moore, who blasted Harvey Weinstein after numerous women painted him a serial predator in press reports, doesn’t want to pay anything because morally it would compromise his film to cut a check to a man he considers a sexual predator, sources said. Moore and his WME reps believe Weinstein should consider the spent funds to be shrapnel from a downfall of his own making, and that he should just simply step aside and allow Moore to finish and release his film. After all, blocking the film from release would give the last laugh to Donald Trump, whom Weinstein campaigned against in the last presidential election when he backed of Hillary Clinton, before the Democratic Party cut all ties with him following the scandal.

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