Is Harry Reid President Obama’s Dealer?

The wonderful and outspoken junior Senator from Texas, Mr. Ted Cruz (R-TX), had some harsh words for Harry Reid, President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party recently. He was on the nationally syndicated (and very popular) Mark Levin show decrying President Obama’s lawlessness when he pointed out that the only reason the President can be so brazen in his abuses is because the Democrat Party (under Harry Reid’s leadership) lets him be.

“Harry Reid right now is Barack Obama’s most important protector. Harry Reid shuts down the Senate, prevents any meaningful oversight, which means Harry Reid is the president’s enabler.

When the president ignores the law and ignores the Constitution, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats stand up and cheer and that is profoundly dangerous to our liberty.

When Richard Nixon abused his power, when Richard Nixon tried to use the IRS to target his political enemies, Republicans rightfully called him to account and decry him. That was the right thing to do, it was the principled thing to do. No president should abuse his power.

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HarryReidWhat’s different now is that when President Obama openly scoffs at the laws on the book, when President Obama and the Obama administration not only tried but they succeeded in using the IRS to target his political enemies — Nixon never succeeded but Obama did — not a single Democratic senator, not one, is willing to stand up to President Obama and call him to account. That is unprecedented to have senators who simply roll over and acquiesce in the usurpation of power from the executive be undermining of the rule of law.”

These were tough words for Democrats to hear, I’m sure, but they’d be remiss to simply ignore them. Just because Senator Cruz is very conservative doesn’t mean liberals should automatically disagree with him. Every word he says in the above statement is right on the money.

Our legislature does the country a disservice when it allows the Executive to run roughshod over the legislature and the people.

The President has become addicted to lawlessness, and Harry Reid and Congressional Democrats have become his enablers. Even worse, they’ve become his dealers – giving him a free hand to bend or break the law whenever he sees fit. They don’t stand against his behavior, they don’t speak out against his actions… no, they stand and cheer him on! They even explain their complicity by blaming Congressional Republicans and saying “the President has to break the law so we can do stuff because Republicans are being lazy.”

Allowing the President to break (or just fudge) laws because your opponents are dragging their feet is not okay. If your opponents are dragging their feet, shame them into action, or shame them until the voters vote them out. But allowing the President to act as a king should never be an option. NEVER.

C’mon Democrats – stop being enablers and stand up against the lawless little king Obama.

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