Harry Reid on Trump Win: ‘I Was Concerned…Is the World Going to be Destroyed?’ [VIDEO]

Harry Reid may not have much time left before he retires, but he’s been taking the Senate floor frequently after the election to proclaim his distaste for the President-elect. He said he felt that he had to say something, because of all the hate crimes that had been committed immediately following Trump’s victory.

From the Senate floor, he denounced the President-elect and called on him to put an end to all the hate crimes.

First of all, Senator Reid is basing his information on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which labels practically every conservative individual or group as a “hate group.” They ignore all the liberal groups and individuals who would be considered “hate groups” by the SPLC, except that they’re liberal, and therefore immune.

Second of all, while racist graffiti and harassment has happened against minority groups following the election – they might be paid agitators – Reid’s concern is completely one-sided. If he wants President-elect Trump to “do something” about these racial incidents, then who’s going to “do something” about all the graffiti, harassment, looting, physical violence, and property damage being done on the left against those who supported Trump – or those who “look” like they supported Trump because of the color of their skin? I suppose Harry Reid would say that those incidents are also Trump’s fault.

In his 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl, Trump looked straight in the camera and said to “stop it” in reference to those on the right who were harassing Muslims and other minorities. But Senator Reid said that wasn’t good enough.

When Chris Hayes asked Reid about his reaction to the election, Reid said he feared for the future of the world and of civilization. Here’s what he said:

“My first few days of going through the trauma of the election, an election where Hillary Clinton got 2 million more votes than he did. I understand the electoral system, a system where she lost four states by less than 100,000 votes combined. Took me a while to accept that the next 24 hours after the election, but then I was concerned, is the world going to be destroyed?

“I mean, he’s talked openly about getting rid of the Iran nuclear agreement, getting rid of our NATO allies or making them pay more. The same with Japan, I understand he’s meeting with soon. Without any preparation whatsoever. So I spent a day or two worrying, is the world going to be blown up? He’s in bed with the Russians.”

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