Harry Reid is an “Absolutely Poisonous Figure” and a “Disaster for the Country”

As we get closer to the official date of Harry Reid’s retirement, it seems that more and more people are opening up about just how despicable the man really is. (And folks, he is really despicable.) While many Congressional leaders are lauded with parties, parades and long speeches filled with praise – it is very likely that when Reid finally leaves the hallowed halls in DC it will be dead silent, because no one will have remained behind to say goodbye.

Fox News personality and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino was on the Hugh Hewitt show when Hewitt brought up the outgoing Senate minority leader. Listen as the usually polite, gentle and unemotional Dana Perino unloads with both barrels on the man she obviously believes to be the worst dude in Washington.



“He’s an absolutely poisonous figure in Washington, D.C., he’s been a disaster for the country. I think a lot of the dysfunction in Washington can be traced directly to his doorstep. I think it is very good for this country, for the world, and especially for the Democrats that Harry Reid is retiring. I’ve never seen anything so abhorrent in my entire life as Harry Reid. He is an equal opportunity basher, right, he goes after everybody. I think it has been, frankly, disgusting. I am a pretty level headed person, but Harry Reid has been the most destructive entity in Washington when it comes to stability… by far.”


Amazing. And I agree with every word.

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