Harry Reid: A Superb Example of the Worst in American Politics


This is not (necessarily) a hit piece on Senator [score]Harry Reid[/score] (D-NV). Although I disagree with 95% of his stances and votes, the one thing I can say truthfully is that I do not personally know the man. Perhaps he is an excellent and ‘salt-of-the-earth’ father, husband, and grandfather. Maybe he is a great guy to have in your golf foursome. I just do not know, and on that I will attempt to give him the benefit of the doubt.

No, this article is merely pointing out that Senator Reid is, in many ways, the poster child (if a 76 year old man can be called a child) for all that is wrong with politics in America. I will never comprehend how Reid has served for nearly 30 years in the U.S. Senate, having been freely elected by those in Nevada FIVE TIMES!

Most Americans have a problem with career politicians. Most Americans do not like those who have never worked in the “dreaded” private sector. Many despise lawyers. Well, Harry Reid hit the trifecta!

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The last “real” (non-governmental) job that Reid held was in 1964– and even that was somewhat with the government. He worked for a few years for the U.S. Capital police department; not sure exactly of his title or his duties there, or if it was full-time. That said, it has been 52 years since he held a job in the “real world”, or the real economy.

Harry Reid AssStarting in 1968, when he got elected to the Nevada State Assembly, Reid has worked solely within elected or appointed office, including a stint as Chairman for the powerful Nevada Gaming Commission. He did lose a couple of elections along the way, including one for mayor of Sin City, but he has typically been successful in running campaigns.

He was in the U.S. House from 1983 to 1987, and then since 1987 he has served in the U.S. Senate. For much of his senatorial term, he has been either the Majority Leader, or the Minority Leader. Reid has been a steadfast liberal democrat, towing the party line and even backing Obama on some of his most questionable endeavors and statements.

Senator Reid, according to the “approval” ratings criteria, is the 9th WORST senator out of the current 100. The existing Congress is one the worst (least approved) Congressional bodies since the legislature has been ranked in this manner. When you add it all up, anecdotally, Harry Reid is one of the very worst senators in modern American times.

As far as the research shows to the best of my knowledge, Senator Reid has never worked in the private sector. He has never had to figure out how to earn revenue for his company. He has never had to determine how to increase profit margins, and efficiencies. All along, he has enjoyed considerable success, fame, and the perks of being a U.S. Senator. This will include a robust pension upon retirement in January 2017.

We know that it is difficult in many cases to unseat an incumbent, but the citizens of Nevada have done the country a disservice by allowing a man of his “experience” to continually be a part of the most powerful legislature in the world. Overall, Nevada is not really a Democrat stronghold.   The state has split its last 4 presidential elections, and its last three governors have been Republican. So why hasn’t a Republican, or even a more relevant (and younger) Democrat, been able to beat Reid?

Harry Reid has less than 11 months left, and let’s hope that the voters of Nevada, as well as every other state, do now allow another person with zero private sector experience to set up camp within state or federal government for 5 decades. Senator Reid encompasses all that is wrong with how the United States is being led and run.

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