Harper’s Magazine: Trump Republicans Diverse and Tolerant

Harper’s Magazine somehow published an essay that totally contradicts the media’s stereotype of Trump Republicans.

A liberal was attacked by fellow leftist but found a home among Trump Republicans.

Harper’s Magazine somehow published an essay that totally contradicts the media’s stereotype of Trump Republicans.

Trump Republicans all know that the left has completely reversed itself—viciously attacking Russia while demanding unwavering trust in our intelligence agences and the FBI. Not only does a writer for Harper’s Magazine acknowledge that fact, but he reveals at a much more individual level how some liberals find the rest of the left to be intolerant, bigoted, and violent.

For example, Kitten Holiday wrote erotica on her blog and got attacked for not including more “kink.” Her stories celebrated women finding strong males. That wasn’t acceptable.

Walter Kim writes about her under the headline, “Illiberal Values.

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When Trump appeared on the political scene, Holiday was immediately drawn to him. She liked his defiant, outsized individuality, his bluntness, his sarcasm, and his preposterous hair. Though a Democrat, she saw in Trump the unconventionality that she’d cherished in her young self but now felt she was paying a price for, thanks to scolding liberals whom she’d once assumed were her natural allies. When she socialized with Trump folks, though, she felt accepted and welcomed unconditionally. Her ideas about starchy, stiff Republicans quickly disappeared. She loved this movement. She loved its energy, its raucousness, and what she saw as its optimistic message of self-improvement and opportunity. Just before the election, following a rally where everyone felt like a new best friend, she outed herself on Facebook as a Trump fan. Old pals and acquaintances promptly went berserk. They called Holiday a fascist and a racist and told her to fuck off. One commenter wrote that she was a “NAZI.” Holiday realized that the situation was serious. She might be assaulted for wearing Trump gear. Her minivan with its campaign bumper sticker might be vandalized. She might lose her job.

These days, Holiday has all new friends, she told me; the old ones wanted nothing more to do with her. She tried to sound chipper about it, but I could tell she was still hurt. “Everything my liberal friends used to claim to love about me—my curiosity, my openness, my willingness to associate with all kinds of people, they started shaming me for. […]

Holiday has no regrets. She finds the new company she keeps surprisingly good-humored and relaxed, since Trump supporters needn’t keep up appearances; they’re seen as ridiculous even by themselves, she said. At the rallies and gatherings she attends, she’s always impressed by the movement’s diversity, contrary to what the media reports, and by the different paths and motives that bring people to Trump. For her, however, the best part is the laughter. It releases the stress caused by others’ condemnation. It reminds her that she’s an outsider among outsiders. It brings relief and strengthens bonds.

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