Hard-Hitting: CNN Obliterates Trump for Taking 2 Scoops of Ice Cream [VIDEO]

I think this is why everyone hates the media. It’s also why people watch the media. It’s one of those things that people love to hate. The media doesn’t care whether you hate them or not. As long as they get viewers, that’s all they care about.

CNN took President Trump to task for something vitally important – that he takes two (2) scoops of ice cream, instead of one (1) like everyone else. Some interpreted his ice cream proclivities as a predictable extension of his ‘dominance.’

Here’s CNN coverage of this event:

President Donald Trump is living every child’s dream: More ice cream.

According to an extensive interview with TIME Magazine, Trump’s White House staff has settled into Trump’s routine and know his desires, sometimes before he does.

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For example: Trump takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, TIME reported, while everyone else around the table gets just one.

The video reporting was far more extensive:

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