‘Hamilton’ Production Discriminates Against Poor People

There’s been a great deal of ink spilled or keys clicked over the way VP-elect Mike Pence was treated during a production of ‘Hamilton.’ I’m told that ‘Hamilton’ is a wildly successful production. It oozes diversity even though an advertisement was sent out looking for cast members, except that only “NON-WHITE men and women” would be considered.

The “Open” in “Open Casting Call” means open to a select few. This is not diversity; it’s discrimination:

Can you imagine what would happen if a production of ‘Reagan’ had advertised for “NON-WHITE men and women”? The production company would have been sued and the cast run out of town.

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In addition to the lack of advertised racial diversity, ‘Hamilton’ lacks economic diversity. The musical is so expensive that only the one percenters can afford a ticket. In New York, tickets start at around $600. The best seats cost $849. The prices have been raised to counter the profits being made by scalpers:

“The New York Times estimates scalpers earn up to $60 million annually from reselling Hamilton tickets. Estimates of the average resale price hover around $1,000 per ticket. Asking prices for future performances are even higher, routinely in the $3,000–$4,000 range and close to $10,000 per ticket for the last show before creator Lin-Manuel Miranda exits the cast next month.” (HBR)

No minimum wage worker could ever hope to attend the Broadway production, not even if the minimum wage is raised to $15.00 per hour. ‘Hamilton’ is a playground for the rich. Not only can’t “Non-Whites” apply, but the poor can’t attend.

The liberal facade has been shattered by a dose of free market capitalism:

“Jeffrey Seller, the lead producer of Hamilton, unabashedly explained that he has a fiduciary responsibility to investors to boost prices since the market has demonstrated that tickets were underpriced.” (HBR)

And who is Alexander Hamilton? Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

“Hamilton was the founding father of corrupt crony capitalism funded by a crooked central bank, exclusively for the benefit of the one-percenters of his day.  He stood for everything that the Trump campaign stood against. Hamilton was the consummate statist and imperialist and political water boy for the big business interests of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston (the Federalists) who wanted to essentially establish the rotten, corrupt, imperialist, British mercantilist system in America. The very sytem the American Revolution had just deposed, in other words.

“Hamilton was a traitor to the principles of the Revolution who spent the last fifteen years of his life attempting to transform the American government into a government for crony capitalists, by crony capitalists, of crony capitalists, all centrally planned by clever Machiavellian political manipulators like himself.  The leftist spouters of ‘diversity’ (the mating call of the Left) should also know that Alexander Hamilton owned ‘house slaves’ who were brought into the marriage by his wealthy, slave-owning wife, and he (at least) once purchased slaves at a slave auction according to Pulitzer Prize-winning Hamilton biographer Ron Chernow.

“Alexander Hamilton was the founding father of constitutional subversion who denounced the Constitution as ‘a frail and worthless fabric’ because it imposed so many limits on governmental powers.  He was the inventor of the subversive idea of ‘implied powers’ of the Constitution and of using the General Welfare Clause to create a government of unlimited powers.  He was perhaps the first to spout The Big Lie that the states were never sovereign, the lie that was at the heart of Lincoln’s case for invading his own country in order to destroy the system of federalism and states’ rights that had been primarily the work of the Jeffersonian tradition of the founding generation. Hamilton and his political heirs (like Lincoln) worked mightily for some seventy-five years to destroy the Jeffersonian, states’ rights tradition of federalism and decentralized government once and for all.  Instead of self-rule, they believed Americans needed to be ruled by their wise ‘Yankee’ betters. Or else.” (Lew Rockwell)

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