Hamas Supporter Threatens Crowd During March

You might remember that back during the summer there were many dueling Palestinian and Israeli Marches and Demonstrations. One of those pro-Hamas marches happened in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and it went off mostly peacefully. I say mostly because how peaceful can people who support a terrorist group really be?

An interesting video of the march surfaced in July, and it showed a couple of onlookers simply recording the festivities… but one of the parade participants did not appreciate the extra scrutiny. (Sure he was marching through the heart of the city in the middle of the day with hundreds of people watching him… but don’t you dare record it!) When the marcher noticed the cameraman he decided that he needed to confront, threaten and berate them.

Fortunately for us, he wasn’t confronting a shrinking violet. He happened to get right in the face of a young man who wasn’t afraid of a little aggression.

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The last line has to be the best, “I’m respecting you enough not to beat your ass!”

I am not the person to condone violence, but I thought the onlooker showed a lot of patience and restraint in not responding violently to the verbal assault.

This is the only way that supporters of terrorism win, by the way — when they can force others to cower in fear. Did you notice the threats that poured out of the “moderate” American Muslim man? “You better agree with us… or else!”

I think as more radical Islamists find their way to the United States they’ll be surprised to find many more men and women like this onlooker who aren’t going to be cowed by some hateful rhetoric and threats of force. We aren’t Europeans. We’re Americans — and we don’t respond well to threats.

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