Half of America Completely Agrees with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump about Islam!

The media is probably being shocked back into reality right about now as they learn that about half of Americans completely agree with Donald Trump and [score]Ted Cruz[/score] about Islam in America.

In a new national survey being released from Morning Consult, the majority of voters say that they agree with Trump and Cruz on imposing a temporary ban on Muslim travel into the United States!

When asked, “Do you support a temporary ban on all Muslims traveling to the United States?”  50% of Americans show “total support” of the travel ban while only 38% oppose.

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Additionally, Senator Ted Cruz has made waves in the wake of the attack on Brussels, Belgium by suggesting that we employ a philosophy of providing extra law enforcement within Muslim communities. While the media (and many liberals) may disagree with Cruz, the fact is that most Americans agree with him. When asked “Do you support or oppose additional law enforcement patrols of Muslim neighborhoods in the United States?” 49% of Americans say they totally support the idea while only 36% oppose the plan.

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The obvious point here is that a vast swath of the American people believe that the government is out of step with them when it comes to dealing with the issue of radical Islamic terrorism. While the media and the liberals in Washington, D.C. may believe that the best way to fight the war on terror is by appeasing the terrorists and apologizing for making them so angry, most Americans believe our response should be more forceful.

In fact, the same Morning Consult poll finds that 45% of Americans believe that our government should use “enhanced interrogation techniques against the terrorists. While not a majority, the number does represent a large plurality of the American people and proves that President Obama is wrong when he argues that Donald Trump and his supporters are somehow “un-American” for advocating for harsher methods in fighting the war on terror.

My question is if a majority of Americans agree with Cruz and Trump on these issues, how does the media and their buddies on the left get away with demagoguing Republicans as “extremist” on these issues? It’s obvious that the GOP is not “fringe” in the battle against Muslim radicals; quite the opposite, conservatives are the mainstream on the war on terror.


Graphics from Morning Consult

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