Hacker Magazine Offers $10,000 for Trump’s Tax Returns

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Infamous hacker publication, 2600 Magazine, is offering a $10,000 bounty for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tax return.

In a tweet sent Wednesday, 2600 suggested that anyone who comes up the tax return can use PGP encryption to send it in to the magazine. That person’s identity will be protected. Others will be allowed to add to the initial bounty, which 2600 thinks could reach up to $100,000.

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The tweet came after an episode of the magazine’s radio show, which is hosted by the pseudonymous Emmanuel Goldstein, in which Goldstein called for a hacker to illegally access Trump’s tax return and leak it.

“This is a guy who has not released his tax returns, despite every presidential candidate having done that over the past however many decades, and somehow that’s just being swept under the rug,” Goldstein said during an episode of Off the Hook.

“Guccifer 3.0, if you’re out there, this is what we need: We need somebody to get in and get these returns,” he said.

But why is the call for a tax return release coming now?

“That derogatory 400lb hacker remark was our tipping point BTW,” according to another tweet sent out by 2600.

During the NBC presidential debate Monday, Trump said that the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee could’ve been the work of anyone–like, for example, a 400-pound hacker, or China.

Trump also noted in the debate that he’ll release his tax return after the IRS finishes an audit.

“When the audit’s complete, I’ll do it,” he said.

But he added that if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton releases the 33,000 emails deleted from her server, he’ll go ahead and release his tax return before the IRS’ audit is complete.

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