Hacked or Nah? Strange Tweets Posting from Chester Bennington’s Widow’s Account

The conspiracy stories are already swirling after Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington’s death.

The forty-one year old was found hanging after allegedly committing suicide. Although it was evident he was struggling with depression, I don’t think anyone expected him to take his own life.

“Nothing makes me happy. I don’t like anyone. I even told my therapists at one point, ‘I just don’t want to feel anything’… For me, life got wired and really hard all at one time.”

Now that have been strange, offensive tweets coming from Bennington’s widow’s account on Twitter. The tweets were posted on Thursday night. While it appears she was hacked, we do not have any answers yet.

Rear Front reports:

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The first three tweets were deleted pretty soon after they were posted. Then a fourth tweet was posted but also had the same treatment. The last tweet, however, was taken down by Twitter itself.

People were not sure if only the first tweet truly hacked her account. However, it became quite clear after the other tweets poured in.

The fans of Chester and many people alike deeply wish that her account was hacked. However, her twitter has not been suspended yet.

The tweets suggest that he was dead before he was hung and that she has proof. They also claim that she was cheating on her husband.

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