Gutfeld Unloads On Media Coverage of Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder: “That’s Separation”

Cristhian Bahena Rivera was charged with First Degree Murder for the slaying of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts.

Despicable Fordham University professor Christina Greer on MSNBC dismissed her murder as “some girl in Iowa” that “FOX News is talking about.” Greg Gutfeld responds.

If this was an illegal immigrant woman killed by an American man, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSM would be running the story 24/7 and blaming it on President Trump.


Greg Gutfeld responded to a Fordham University professor who criticized coverage of Mollie Tibbetts’ murder while a guest on MSNBC.

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“Fox News is talking about a girl in Iowa and not this,” Political science associate professor Christina Greer said on MSNBC of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s guilty plea.

“A girl in Iowa,” Gutfeld repeated. “A girl in Iowa, murdered, pales in comparison to tax evasion.”

Gutfeld said that to people like Greer, “when you talk about Mollie [Tibbetts], you can’t talk about the things the media thinks is important.”

“How many Mollies is a Mike Cohen worth?” he asked. More

The left won’t devote any meaningful time to Mollie’s death. CNN waited to in the late hours to report of her passing, why? Because an illegal alien killed her which only proves President Trump’s point about border security.

My heart pours out to the family of this young lady.

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