Gut Feeling? Hillary Clinton will be Charged – She’s in Serious Trouble

Wow. I will admit to having felt quite a bit of cynicism about my government as I’ve watched the Hillary Clinton email scandal unfold. In fact, up until now I’ve been fairly certain that Hillary Clinton would walk away from this entire debacle unscathed. However, Judge Andrew Napolitano at Fox News appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss where the investigation stood and he seems very optimistic that Clinton will indeed be charged with crimes related to her handling of classified government data! Judge Napolitano is one of the more stable and trustworthy pundits working on cable news today and I have a fair amount of confidence in his opinion. If his gut feeling is that Hillary Clinton will be charged with a crime… then folks, she probably will be!

Here’s what he had to say:

Of the emails she did not erase, there are “about 300 that are seriously questionable… we know that at least one of them contains “top secret” material…”

When host Steve Doocy asks if Judge Napolitano’s “judicial gut” feeling is that Hillary Clinton will be charged with a crime, Napolitano responded with a simple “Yes.”

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Yes. I feel that she’s in serious trouble and she doesn’t recognize it. I can tell you this, the team of FBI investigators and federal prosecutors that are pursuing her is the highest and best in the Justice Department. Not to criticize other teams. It’s absolutely apolitical, it’s impervious to political consequences. And do you know who runs the FBI? Jim Comey. Do you remember that he threatened to resign under President Bush because the President wanted him to do something that he didn’t think was right? Do you think that if they find enough evidence to indict Mrs. Clinton and her colleagues and the President says no, that Mr. Comey will be quiet about it? I don’t.”

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