Gun Sales Hit Record High in 2016

Lots of factors drive gun sales. A perceived increase in violence or terrorist attacks certainly play a large part in convincing people to buy firearms. But perhaps more than that is the threat to guns posed by political forces.

Hillary’s Clinton was the presumptive president. Most people assumed she and her gun control agenda would win the White House.

I don’t think that she would have actually “repealed the 2nd Amendment.” There’s little doubt that she’d be in favor of that however, while reserving the right for herself and her colleagues. She did speak very highly of Australia’s and England’s gun control measures.

But enforcing such swift, drastic measures is not typically how American politicians operate. They operate and have operated for many decades through gradualism. They’d rather use the media and education system to lie to the American people constantly until Americans by and large accept these lies as self-evident truth. Once most Americans have fallen for these lies, then politicians will have the consent of a majority of voters, and will push whatever legislation Americans are calling for.

The need for more gun control is one of the many lies that the media and political establishment have barraged Americans with. Americans become fearful from the false perception that mass shooting are on the rise, and that the only way to curb them is to enforce tougher and tougher gun control measures, making it more and more difficult for everyday Americans to buy weapons.

Any time a Democrat with a gun control agenda is rising to power, people always respond by stocking up on weaponry and ammunition. Last year set a record with the possibility of Hillary Clinton winning the White House. When that didn’t happen, gun sales dropped, and December actually saw fewer gun sales compared to the previous December. The Washington Examiner reported:

Driven by terror threats and a potential Hillary Clinton administration, sales of guns in America soared to record levels in 2016, according to the FBI.

Just released FBI background check numbers, which roughly equate gun sales, totaled some 27,538,673, 4 million more than in 2015 and nearly double the number in President Obama‘s first year.

The numbers do not include many guns sold to or given to friends and family.

Sales hit record levels for some 19 months in a row as the number of terrorist attacks around the world and here at home increased, driving purchases by those seeking protection. The increase paralleled increases in those seeking a license to carry a concealed weapon.


Since the election, however, sales have slipped as fears about gun bans and ammo taxes and registration died with Clinton’s busted bid. December, for example, was the first month where sales did not match the previous December’s, when background checks reached 3.3 million.

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