Gun Sales Explode in St. Louis!

You would think by now that Americans have gotten the message that bad people don’t obey the laws and have little regard for other people’s property. In some places, people will use any excuse they can to loot and burn.

Law-abiding citizens who own guns rarely if ever use them. They are for protection. When the unexpected happens, they are prepared. It’s hard to find a gun store open if a rioting mob decides to take down your business at 11:00 PM.

According to CBS St. Louis, ‘Gun sales are up across St. Louis.’ In fact, they have ‘quadrupled’ at some area gun stores. Buyers are not simply the stereotypical white, male gun store customers. Instead, gun store owner Steve King described many of those pouring into his store — Metro Shooting — as ‘females, single mothers … black people, white people … [and] Asians.’

“King said those purchasing firearms are ‘just afraid of what’s going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.’

“He stated that ‘nearly 100 percent say they are buying them for defensive purposes,’ and the types of guns purchased include ‘AR-15s, home defense shotguns, handguns, personal defense handguns … for conceal[ed] carry.’

“King said that ‘he’s personally seen the fear in their eyes and feels the sorrow in their hearts’ when they come into his store.”

Just showing a gun is enough to deter most criminals, most of whom are cowards. They’re used to preying on the weak…

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