Gun Policy Expert Explains the Four Things You Need to Know About Gun in America

Gun policy expert Lois Beckett of the Guardian US explains the four things you need to know about firearms in America.

Lois said, “I grew up in Connecticut, firmly on one side of the gun culture war. My parents thought it was wrong even to let kids play with toy guns. But I made a vow to myself when I started covering this debate: I would not be one one of those New York City journalists who writes ignorant, condescending stories about ‘gun nuts.’”

He continued, “When I actually dug into the data, I was shocked by how little evidence there was behind some of the most prominent gun control policies. Here are some basic facts that gun rights advocates already know—and that liberals who want to reduce gun violence need to understand.”

1. Banning assault weapons would do almost nothing

After every mass shooting, liberals begin to demand  a ban on “assault weapons.” AKA the military style rifle.

There’s a problem with this popular liberal idea: banning these guns would not do much to save American lives. Only 3.6 percent of America’s gun murders are committed with any kind of rifle, according to FBI data.

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The most gun murders are committed with handguns.

A ban on the guns themselves “does nothing,” a former Obama administration official said last year. Though the White House endorsed a renewed ban after Sandy Hook, “we did the bare minimum,” the official said. “We would have pushed a lot harder if we had believed in it.”

2. Owning 17 guns really isn’t that extreme

Did you know that…

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