Gun Owners take their Guns Out to Protect Military

The recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where four Marines were gunned down by an Islamic terrorist, was a “gun-free zone.” That meant that anybody with evil intent in their heart who had a gun and had some reason to kill American servicemen on United States soil, would meet with no armed resistance.

So to do what our own government would not do, a group of gun-owning citizens decided to stand guard outside a recruiting center in Hiram, Georgia, just a few miles from one of my offices because these recruitment centers are a “Gun-Free Zone.”

These zones only tell the crazies and criminals were the soft targets are.

Our government is more concerned about fried food than the safety of Marines:

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“In an effort to kick up its healthy eating ‘Go for Green’ campaign, it will stop frying foods like chicken and French fries and bake them instead. It is also axing whole milk and replacing it with skim and soy, reports Navy Times.

Isn’t that special. Which do you think is more dangerous — fried foods or lead bullets? It’s obvious that our government didn’t learn anything from the Fort Hood shooting — another Gun-Free Zone shooting…


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