Gun Control Supporters Planted in Hillary Town Hall to Ask Pre-Planned Questions

One of the main revelations from the Clinton campaign’s internal emails released by WikiLeaks is how calculating the staff are. Truth be told, that’s probably the way it is with any political campaign, especially for national office, and especially for the presidency.

Most political campaigns operate under the assumption that if you want to win, you have to play dirty. There’s no such thing as a “clean campaign.” Unless you want to lose.

I think many people are sick of that though. They’re sick of the two-facedness. They’re sick of the posturing, the acting, the superficiality, their public opinions in stark contrast to their private opinions. It may be necessary to win, but people don’t want someone who’s willing to do anything just to win.

I also think that’s why people like Donald Trump. He doesn’t stick to a script nearly as much as Hillary Clinton and most other presidential candidates do. He comes across as someone who speaks his mind. Sometimes to a fault.

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Political campaigns have to be sneaky and conniving, because they have to be in control as much as possible. They don’t want any surprises. They want to be able to anticipate every objection from their opponent and/or the press and have a ready answer.

For that reason, they often have plants in their audiences at campaign events who ask pre-planned questions. That way, their candidate is not taken off guard by a gotcha question, and the media and viewers will get the impression that the candidate is quick on her – or his – feet.

Four days after the Umpqua Community College shooting, Hillary Clinton held a town hall event in New Hampshire. From Breitbart:

In the email thread, dated October 4, 2015, a “speech draft” was passed around “on behalf of Megan Rooney.” The email contained “talking points” for Clinton to use to discuss guns in Manchester.

The first part of the email reminded other campaign staffers that the town hall had no specific focus, although gun control would be highlighted:

Here are short TPs about guns for the NH community college town hall >>> tomorrow. This is not a town hall exclusively about gun violence — it’s just a >>> regular town hall.

The email then turned, reminding everyone that there would be gun control plants at the town hall; that those plants would be from various gun control groups:

But the person who will introduce [Clinton] will tell a story >>> about gun violence in her life, and there will be people in the audience >>> from gun violence orgs.

The Manchester town hall was held at Manchester Community College. And the talking points advised Clinton to begin by saying, “We’ve seen yet another mass murder – this time, in a community college in Oregon that’s probably a lot like this one.” A text of her speech shows that she promised to “make gun control a top priority” and enumerated controls like an “assault weapons ban,” an expansion of the list of persons barred from gun possession, and more laws against straw purchases.

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