Gun Buyback: Baltimore Kids Turn in Their Toy Guns for Prizes

In Baltimore, they’re teaching them young to give up their weapons.

An organization called By Peaceful Means – run by Ralph E. Moore, Jr. and Nawal Rajeh – is teaching local kids how to de-escalate situations and how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence, definitely important skills for kids today to learn.

But part of their project has participating children turn in their toy guns in exchange for other toys like basketballs and stuffed animals.

From Moore’s perspective, toy guns are like the gateway drug to real guns. “The replica guns are what’s dangerous,” he said, comparing them to candy cigarettes from his own childhood. “It was orienting kids to smoking. I think toy guns, in many ways, are doing the same thing.”

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All the toy guns that are being turned in will go toward an art project being overseen by a nonprofit group called Mosaic Makers. According to the Baltimore Sun“when complete, the mosaic will be a brightly colored hand flashing a peace sign, surrounded by toy guns.”

The art project featuring the discarded toy guns will be displayed in honor of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed by Cleveland police. Rice was holding a toy gun that police mistook for a real one.

I think this is part of what Eric Holder was talking about regarding “brainwashing” kids about guns. This is how they plan on winning the gun control debate. If kids grow up thinking that even toy guns are evil and dangerous, then they’ll have no problem with a government taking away the real ones.

One child at this “Peace Camp” in Baltimore wasn’t sure what to do since she didn’t have any toy guns to turn in, and therefore didn’t qualify for another toy. She looked around for an adult to give her a toy anyway. “I can’t play with guns,” she said. “They’re dangerous.”

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