Guess Who’s to Blame for our Prison Problems?

Prison Guards are not Responsible


Rikers corrections officers are subduing prisoners by eye gouges and facial blows. Mayor de Blasio is up in arms.  He had a list of reforms to be kinder to prisoners.


Screw de Blasio.  I spent two years in Schuylkill Federal Prison Camp.  We were next door to the Medium Facility.  Every day the whistle would blow to shut the two places down because there had been a stabbing at the Medium by one of the prisoners. There was not one stabbing by the guards.


Only de Blasio who has never been to prison would confuse the atrocities of the prisoners with those he imagined by the guards. That’s typical of a liberal.  He is the kind of effeminate man who worries about the suicide bomber fourteen years old more than the fifty people he blew up.


The prisoners need protection from each other like the blacks in the hood need protection from Black Lives Matter. Liberals inadvertently kill through imagined kindness.


 Trump was right when he said that Obama and Hillary started Isis.  The highway to hell is really paved with progressive intentions.

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