Guess Who was ACTUALLY Behind ‘Vote Trump’ Black Church Vandalism and Arson?

At the beginning of November, about a week before the election, a black church in Mississippi was vandalized and then torched. Someone had spray-painted “Vote Trump” on the side of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church before setting it on fire. WREG reported, “Fire Chief Ruben Brown told The Associated Press the sanctuary of Hopewell M.B Church sustained heavy damage in the fire, while the kitchen and pastor’s office received water and smoke damage.”

This was red meat to the mainstream media. Immediately, reporters “knew” exactly who the suspect was. I mean, it was obviously a white Trump supporter. This was most definitely a racially motivated hate crime.

The Atlantic chimed in with this headline: “A Black Church was Burned in the Name of Trump.” They concluded in their article:

This is a tense time in American politics. The burning of Hopewell M.B. Church is a sign of how bad things have gotten, and what may be still to come. “What we have to do is come together,” [Greenville Mayor Errick] Simmons said. “The only thing that conquers hate is love.”

Trending: Carly Fiorina Thanks Cruz and Carson for Defending Her Presidential Campaign likewise pushed a similar narrative about racist violence perpetrated by whites:

…[T]he message spray-painted on the burned bricks is drawing attention to a history of racist violence that has been amplified over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign.


Black churches have always been about more than spirituality. For generations, black churches have served as sources of refuge from and resistance to the racism pervading America’s Christian pulpits.

The Vox author wrote that the “threat of violent voter intimidation has become a cornerstone of the 2016 election,” and that “Trump’s supporters are welcoming the confrontation.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was quick to jump to similar conclusions: “A black church in the Mississippi Delta was burned and vandalized with pro-Trump graffiti in what law enforcement is now calling an attempt at voter intimidation.”

The Daily Beast took it even further, identifying the arsonist as one of ‘Trump’s own terrorists.’ Here was their headline: “A Burned Down Black Church Shows President Trump Wouldn’t Condemn His Own Terrorists.” Here’s an excerpt from that article:

The GOP presidential candidate, in characteristically spineless fashion, said then he ‘would never condone violence’ from his supporters. Our possible next president did not say, unequivocally, that he did not condone this specific act, because that wouldn’t fit into the dog whistle nature of his candidacy.

Keep in mind that these are all from sources who would identify themselves as “fake news” “watchdogs.”

You want to know the truth about what who was behind the vandalism and arson? It was one Andrew McClinton. Not only is he a black man, but he was also a member of the church he tried to burn down.

So, what are we hearing from all these outlets that prematurely and falsely tied this to a white supremacist Trump supporter? Mostly crickets.

H/T: Breitbart


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