Guess Which Candidate Just Won Conservative FreedomWorks for America’s Straw Poll?

Saturday September 12 was a good day for GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The conservative Senator continues to be the most mainstream of the GOP candidates that conservatives will support to consistently land in the top 4 in national polling. In most of the polls Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson lead the way with Cruz and Jeb Bush far behind. While the GOP establishment would far prefer Bush as their candidate, the fact is that conservatives (and other anti-establishment voters) simply WILL NOT support Bush, making Cruz the best non-Trump option for the establishment.

The problem is that the establishment hates Cruz. The good thing is they hate Trump even more.

On Saturday, Cruz proved once again to the establishment that it would be in their best interests to support him over Jeb when Cruz dominated the FreedomWorks for America straw poll. FreedomWorks is one of the premier conservative think tanks and they are extremely influential in the conservative community.

FreedomWorks for America polled activists at the 9/12 Grassroots Summit in Orlando, FL. Activists from Florida and the surrounding states voted for who they want the 2016 GOP presidential nominee to be.

The final results for the top three vote getters were as follows:

Sen. Ted Cruz – 41%

Ben Carson – 12%

Donald Trump – 8%

FreedomWorks for America is a grassroots service center that provides the tools needed to grassroots volunteers seeking to elect candidates who fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. For more information, please

Jeb Bush cannot win in 2016. Conservatives won’t support him and independents don’t want to vote or another Bush. In fact, of all the leading GOP candidates, Jeb Bush is likely the least electable of the candidates because he brings the most baggage along with him. While the establishment sees Jeb as having the highest electoral floor, what they need to realize is that he also has the lowest electoral ceiling.

Face it GOP establishment… Ted Cruz is your best hope in 2016. And that’s a good thing.

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