Guatemala Claims It Has Detained 100 ISIS Terrorists Hiding in Illegal Alien Caravan

The president of Guatemala said that police have discovered ISIS terrorists hiding among the 4,000 illegal aliens marching northward to break into the US.

The president of Guatemala said that his police have discovered ISIS terrorists hiding among the 4,000 illegal aliens marching northward to break into the U.S.A.

As the migrant caravan of some 4,000 illegal aliens continues to course through Honduras, Guatemala, and into Mexico, some sources in Guatemala are now claiming that there are more than just migrants in the group.

Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre quoted Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales as saying that his government had detained “close to 100 people completely linked to terrorist issues, with ISIS, and that not only have we arrested them within our territory, but they have been deported to their countries of origin,” according to a translation by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The Guatemalan president was speaking October 11 during the second Conference for Prosperity and Security in Central America. Senior American officials were in attendance with the vice president, as was Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, El Salvadoran Vice President Oscar Ortiz, Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray, and Mexican Secretary of Governance Alfonso Navarrete, among others.

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Despite raised eyebrows over the claim, it appears that the Morales government is sticking by their president’s report.

Reporters for Prensa Libre appear to have pressed the issue. The paper followed up with Guatemala’s chief communications officer, Alfredo Brito, who said the president disclosed the “achievement ‘because it is a work in coordination with the different intelligence and security agencies.'” Later, the paper was able to report reaffirmation of the president’s claim from the country’s Secretary of Strategic Intelligence Mario Duarte that the number of “individuals intercepted, detained, prosecuted or returned to their country of origin is close to 100.” Neither Duarte nor Brito would provide specific details, claiming national security protection.

Government watchdog Judicial Watch insisted that these reports should worry us all and suggested that the U.S. government investigate the claims.

“Why should Americans care about this?” Judicial Watch asked. “[Because] a caravan of Central American migrants is making its way north” toward the U.S. boarder.

Judicial Watch said, “Guatemala has long been known as a major smuggling corridor for foreigners from African and Asian countries making their way to into the U.S.,” adding that “this makes ISIS terrorists operating in Guatemala incredibly alarming.”

Judicial Watch continued saying, “All this makes ISIS terrorists operating in Guatemala incredibly alarming.”

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