The Growing Collection of Minority Conservatives

Conservatives that are from minority groups have been vilified by the left relentlessly, just because they don’t vote Democrat. It is a shame that the left does this to the people that they supposedly “fight” for. From many perspectives, the Democrats are in fact more racist than the Republicans, and definitely the Libertarians (and quite possibly the Communists).

Race is not always the issue, but the left seems to be constantly relighting the fire (I’m looking at you, Al Sharpton). Case in point: Ferguson. I was on the ground in the aftermath of the rioting, and if it breaks out again I plan on going into the fire to bring all of you real-time updates. I saw the evil that was committed there, and most of it was caused by people that didn’t live anywhere near St. Louis. The protests were peaceful, but they became a pile of brush covered in gasoline, and we all know what it takes to ignite that mixture. The brush was lit by a spark, and the spark turned into an inferno that caused millions in damage. Al Sharpton getting involved did not help.

The left has also been holding the African American population back by keeping them dependent on welfare and other government programs. The case couldn’t be clearer for why they’re doing this; they can secure the minority vote by giving them free stuff. Also, when was the last time you saw a Democrat supporting a program that would help African Americans or other minorities, or hell, even poor white people excel and get off welfare? I haven’t ever seen it before, and I doubt anyone has. Lyndon B. Johnson is a perfect example of this. He took credit for championing the Civil Rights Act, even though there was the minor detail that he did not like it at all. He said after signing the Act and beginning the War on Poverty that he’ll “have those n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” blackconservativeI’m sorry if I’m racist for thinking that the Democrats might be racist for using the worst word in the English language and then saying that because of what they’ve done that the minorities will be voting for them for the next 200 years…

Now for why the Republican Party is a positive alternative for minorities. The Republicans want to help them get out of poverty, not through government handouts, but through the tried and true method of capitalism. Does it involve work? Yes. But it is definitely the best option. Republicans also do not determine what kind of person you are and what you deserve based on your skin color. They determine that based on merit. They want what is best for an individual, as well as America.

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I will admit no party is perfect. There are many elements that go against the Republican Party. I will be the first to admit that I am not a Republican. I feel like the Republicans have isolated me (as well as many other Libertarians) on multiple issues. This is essentially a choice between the lesser of two evils. Neither of the two major parties are perfect. The Republicans have major faults but the faults of the Democrats are greater still, for example the Democrats continue to endorse the murder of the unborn and the prevention of progress for minorities. If the Democrats won’t give minorities the chance to prosper – more and more of them will begin turning to conservatives to help them realize their dreams.

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