Groups of Chicago Teens Assaulting “For the Thrill of It”

Last Thursday a group of Chicago teens had fun by surprise attacking people on the Navy Pier and shoving them into Lake Michigan.

Even without gun crime, Liberal enforcement leaves people at the mercy of Chicago teens — as the media identifies them.

Last Thursday a group of Chicago teens had fun by surprise attacking people on the Navy Pier and shoving them into Lake Michigan.

The Chicago Sun Times reports, “Group of teens accused of pushing people into Lake Michigan near Navy Pier.

Police said no injuries were reported and no one was taken into custody.

The group “targeted people who were a little bit close to the water, ran up to them with no warning and shoved them into the lake while taunting them,” Hopkins said.

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“It really sounded like some kind of a game. They were not robbing anyone. They were just doing it out of sheer meanness,” Hopkins said.

“No one reported any robbery or even an attempted robbery. Even the guy who got pushed off his bike got his bike back. They didn’t take his bike. Robbery was not the motive. What does that leave? That just leaves being vicious for the thrill of it.”

Given the high winds and strong waves, Hopkins said it was “fortunate” that all four victims “were able to swim and get out of the lake” without injury.

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The story says that the incident is like that from the preceding Memorial Day weekend where cops had to deal with groups of Chicago teens creating mayhem along the lake and at other crowded spots in the city.

Notably, the police claimed to be prepared to deal with crime:

Did you get that? The Memorial Day Weekend was not for “nonsense.”

So what did the police end up doing?

The Chicago Tribune reports, “Police try to keep peace downtown, along lake by ‘directing’ large groups of troublesome teens to express trains.

The large group of teens had been wandering downtown and along the lake Sunday evening, but police decided it was time for the group to leave.

The teens, numbering more than 100 and some deemed “borderline criminal” by police, were first steered onto Red Line trains that ran express from the Gold Coast to the South Side. Then they were chased from 31st Street Beach and began running through traffic on King Drive.


Chicago police spent much of Memorial Day weekend tracking and chasing groups of teens through downtown for what often began as “borderline criminal behavior” and sometimes ended in vandalism and fights. Officers shut down beaches and parks early, and “directed” large groups of teens toward trains and buses.

The holiday weekend trained a spotlight on the Police Department’s delicate strategy of keeping the peace downtown and along the lakefront — areas heavily trafficked by tourists — without resorting to more arrests or heavy-handed tactics.


“They came down here specifically to cause problems,” Deputy Chief Al Nagode said. “They were running in and out of traffic, they were confronting different groups, they were running into businesses doing different activities that were borderline criminal, mostly nuisance, so the officers have to work that fine line of, do we (go) out there to arrest somebody.”


Such tactics are preferable to making mass arrests but they still raise red flags, particularly because the teens involved were all black, said Craig Futterman, a University of Chicago law professor who works on civil rights and police accountability issues. “I don’t know what ‘borderline criminal’ means. It is or it isn’t.”

The police strategy may make sense in isolation, but against the backdrop of the city’s long history of discriminatory police tactics, it becomes troubling, he said. “(Police should not) pick on or single out groups on the basis of race for selective treatment or discriminatory treatment. That’s a problem.”

Of course, just because the criminals are “all black” doesn’t mean that all black teens are criminals. But it is obvious from this story that, if you are in that demographic, in Chicago, you see the majority of the criminals who like to steal, and assault “for the thrill of it” not get arrested, and not get punished. Liberal cities with a liberal media rationalizing their misgovernment are designed to teach minority “youths” that crime mostly pays.

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