Group Protests Police Violence by Open Carrying Guns

Some of our fellow citizens in Texas did something “provocative.” The question is – why has their chosen form of protest become provocative?

The group decided to protest an overly aggressive Dallas police force by exercising their right to open carry.

The twist that you might not have seen coming?

These protesters are African-American.

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The people who decided to do this are from the Huey P. Newton Gun Club were spurred to action by the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. However they do have their own local ax to grind.

Dallas, Texas is a hot bed for police shootings of unarmed individuals. Of the over 70 shootings of unarmed individuals, only one has brought down a criminal indictment of the police officer in question. (The one that was indicted came after surveillance video was found that contradicted the officer’s story.)

Huey P. NewtonThe reasons why they are doing this are important, but for this article they are actually incidental.

What I want to point out is that this is exactly the kind of protest we should be supporting! A group of law-abiding American citizens believes that they are being treated unjustly, so they respond in a symbolic show of legal force.

They don’t loot. They don’t vandalize. They don’t break any laws whatsoever.

Instead they open carry, and by doing so they remind the local government that “we the people” will not allow the government to rule us tyrannically.

Now, look. I’m not suggesting that you have to agree with the reasons that they are protesting. I am saying that we should see this as more evidence that the 2nd Amendment is as necessary and applicable today as it was so many years ago.

Our only criticism of this is that the group named themselves after a violent criminal, and that they don’t allow non-black members. I wish they’d considered the name of a law abiding African-American – perhaps Dr. King who was both a proud gun-owner and a peaceful man? Also, allowing diversity within the group would promote awareness in the white Dallas community as well.

We at Eagle Rising encourage every American to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights for whatever reason they can find. Rights are like muscles – when they are not exercised they atrophy and die.

Here are our fellow citizens peacefully and lawfully assembling to protest.


Here are a couple of other protesters about to eat lunch in a restaurant while open carrying. They happen to do this at the very same time that a group of Dallas Police officers are also eating… and nothing violent happens!

My fellow conservatives, let’s remember to fight for the rights of every American… even when their politics may not line up with ours.

How much fun is it to see a group of liberal African-American voters loving on the 2nd Amendment? It’s great!

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