On the Ground in Ferguson, Missouri

Our own Young Publius was on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri a couple of days ago and he got some interesting shots of the how the community has settled and of some of the damage still to be fixed.

(1) Outside photo from the street of the Walgreens that has been a center of protests, was near the area where tear gas was fired.



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(2) Protestors walking down the street.




3) The liquor store that was looted. I’m amazed that they took such a life giving resource. But hey, if there’s vodka left my fellow Russians will gladly purchase it from the store.




(4) The McDonald’s that was looted. I guess they wanted fake food…




(5) The Beauty Supply store that was damaged. I guess they needed hair extensions and makeup to pay bills.




(6) The BBQ place that was severely damaged by rioters. The owners are setting it up as a cooling station, probably being used by protestors.




(7) Damaged AutoZone.




(8) I guess they really wanted to make a run for the border….




(9) This has become the flagship for both the protestors and the rioters. The QuikTrip petrol station that was practically burned to the ground. I find it funny how Dorian Johnson retracted his testimony, which this destruction is a direct result of.


ferguson young publius2


Please check out my commentary on the Crisis in Ferguson (I apologize if there is dated information in the video).

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