Graduating Students Questioned on US History – the Results are Hilarious (and Sad)

MRC TV’s Dan Joseph is a master of the political mockumentary. He regularly brings us hilarious material – videos of him questioning liberals at rallies, parades and political events. These videos ALWAYS unmask the sad state of today’s modern liberal and prove that much of what they have to say are simply regurgitated talking points that lack any evidentiary support.

This time Joseph broadcasts to us from a High School graduation in Northern Virginia, where he’s asking the recently graduated students a series of basic US History questions… and the results are hilarious. (And a bit sad.)


From MRC TV:

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 What year did the United States declare its independence from Great Britain?

If you have a 3rd grade education and it took you more than two seconds to answer that question, then I sincerely hope you don’t vote.

Last week, MRCTV attended the graduation ceremony for Centreville High School in Northern Virginia.  We asked students that very question and, as you will see, the answers that many of them gave us were off by centuries.


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