GQ Writes Article saying F*** Ben Carson – His Response is Shocking

A few days ago presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson made an appearance on Fox News’ Fox and Friends to discuss a recent article in the popular men’s style and culture magazine, GQ.

The article which was written by the liberal (and very rude and misguided) Drew Magary was published on GQ’s website last week. In his piece, Magary wrote that Dr. Carson was “willing to shred every last bit of his intellectual credibility in order to lord over a citizenry he doesn’t seem to have much respect for. F*** him.”

So how did Dr. Carson respond to this vicious and wrongheaded attack on his character and his candidacy? Politely, respectfully, kindly and mercifully. Dr. Carson offered more grace for Mr. Magary than any liberal pundit, politician or hatchet man has ever shown to any conservative. Ever.

“I kind of feel sorry for people who are so consumed with hatred and intolerance that they behave in that manner. I say we should pray for them. That’s my reaction…

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When people are consumed with hatred and intolerance, I think it clouds their ability to think clearly, and we should feel sorry for them. I don’t think we should necessarily react to them. And over the course of time, I think, they and perhaps others, will be able to see that there’s a better and a more productive way to conduct one’s self.”

That Ben Carson is one class act. There are many reasons that he continues to build support among conservatives across the nations, but his personal character and winsome attitude have to be at the very top of that list of reasons. Please keep being you, Dr. Carson. Don’t let liberals like Drew Magary change you, don’t let them make you bitter, just keep being you and America will reward you for doing so.

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